I don’t have any friends.

I would count myself as a person that doesn't really have any friends and I think that's okay. I mean I have acquaintances and people I know, I have my boyfriend and our families, but I don't have any close friends, definitely not a best friend. As soon as I say that to people they... Continue Reading →


Love is weird, isn’t it?

Love, a complicated thing, defined as 'a strong feeling of affection', it's involved in everyones daily life, most people will feel this emotion throughout their life and also endure the emotion it causes when it has been ripped away from you. Love, it makes people do crazy things, it makes us happy and sad, excited... Continue Reading →

22 facts about me

In light of me turning 22 (in 3 months) I thought I would bestow to you 22 facts about me, enjoy... I'm 21 years old My star sign is Aries Avocado is my favourite food Diet coke is my favourite drink I can't drive and have so far failed 5 driving tests I grew up... Continue Reading →

My experience with anxiety

Anxiety, defined simply as 'a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome', everyone deals with it at some points in their life, some more frequently and some more extreme than others, but overall I can guarantee that every single person you know will have dealt with a feeling of worry,... Continue Reading →

Less work, more productive?

So in a post yesterday I mentioned how on average a person spends almost 100,000 hours at work in their lifetime (mind blown - again), it's got me thinking you know, is this what life is all about? Do we spend the first part of our life at school everyday, to then leave school and... Continue Reading →

I’ll make my own list thanks

In light of my last post I really just wanted to make my own list of influential and powerful people, including all races, wealths and genders, here are some people I think everyone should know about and everyone should celebrate! Malala Yousafzai This woman is incredible, she is just 20 years old yet she has... Continue Reading →

I wish I was an old rich man

So I'm scrolling through the internet today (what's new?) and I come across an article, this article was "Forbes: The World's Most Powerful People 2017". Of course I clicked on it and read through the list, most of the people on it were familiar to me, mainly politicians and global business owners, but it got... Continue Reading →

Excuse me, are you scared of dying?

Someone asked me this weekend If I was scared of dying, firstly what a lovely light topic of conversation over dinner, secondly yes of course I am, is anyone not? I have spent the following two days delving into the deepest depths of my mind, spending far too much time thinking and worrying about something... Continue Reading →

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