Am I asking for too much?

Searching pages and pages of job advertisements, applying for these jobs and the subsequent rejection thats always seems to follow is what my days consist of at the moment. I feel like I’m sure our parents and grandparents didn’t have such existential crises when trying to identify their career path, I mean no doubt some of them had greater worries such as war, or… perms, but finding a job really didn’t seem like an issue to our past generations.
As I sit here in my bed on my laptop, drinking tea and sucking the life out of my e-cigarette, my absolute boredom and looming mental breakdown has had me thinking (nothing too profound don’t worry any master philosophers out there i’m not stealing your thunder). So, why do so many in my generation struggle to find a career? Why do so many young people settle for jobs that are absolutely mind-numbing and soul-destroying? Why aren’t there better training courses out there and tools to help us identify what is right for us?
I mean I definitely could’ve helped myself by actually going to university and getting a degree, but at eighteen (and still now)  I had no clue what I wanted to do, and didn’t fancy three years down the line finding myself in fifty thousand of debt and a suffering a year long hangover. I guess my point to this rambling mess is that university shouldn’t be the only option, me coming from a grammar school upbringing – university was the only path that was highlighted for me, as soon as I made people aware I didn’t want that, I was kind of pushed under the carpet, “oh Ellie? We shall not speak of her, she disobeyed the heavenly lord and has moved over to the dark side”. I wish there would’ve been someone there for me that could show me different routes I could’ve taken, but instead here I am, three years later (no debt or hangover – not today anyway, it’s Monday) still no idea how to get myself into a career that I love and enjoy.
Maybe I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist, i’m sure there are so many people that laugh when I say everyone should be in a job they love and enjoy, apparently that’s never going to happen, apparently that’s an unachievable goal. We spend an average of 92,120 hours at work in our lifetime, why should we spend 92,120 hours in our short lives doing something we hate? As a profound Canadian once said, “YOLO”, thanks Drake! It sounds silly but he’s right, you only live once so why spend all that time in misery, surely we should make the most of our lives and everyone should be able to spend the time to find the right path for them, the job that is going to make them happy to get up and go to work, the role that they’ll be happy to spend 92,120 hours doing.
Who knows if that will ever happen, a girl can dream though right?

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