Invention Extravaganza

I’ve been thinking you know, maybe what I need to do is invent something, something that will revolutionise peoples lives and make me hella rich. I mean everything was invented once, from curtains to apple corers, cars to the internet, there was a time when these things didn’t exist, and someones idea turned into a product that is now featured in our everyday lives. So what I need to do is think of something fan-bloody-tastic and then I can be in the club with Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell and Mr Dyson. So i’ve been thinking okay, here’s some ideas of things I think should be invented.

To set the scene it’s winter, its freezing cold outside and you’ve just woken up, you need a shower but can’t face the hypothermia that will entail once you leave the lovely warm interior of the shower cubicle. What could make this situation bearable? The heated full body towel! Okay so its exactly what you think, its a towel that covers your whole body, think of a onesie but in towel material, it also heats up while you’re in the shower so its a full heated bodysuit. How great does that sound? Make way Mr Apple i’m coming for you.

So if you’ve read my previous post you know I am struggling to find a career and just cannot work out what it is I actually want to do, what will make me happy. I propose the idea of an app, this app is nameless at the moment. This app will combine all possible sources to create a way for young people to discover the right careers for them and then show them the ways that are best to achieve it. It will start with a career quiz/personality test that will show the person some suggested careers, there will then be a full in-depth page on every career to explain what they do and where that career can go, including earning and progression potentials. Once they have found some careers that will interest them you can find all the different ways on the app to do this job, whether it be the degree you need, or how to get relevant experience, or different courses and apprenticeships you can take. Its good isn’t it?!

Right onto the next, so it’s a Sunday and you’re cooking a roast for the family, you’ve got loads of things to do but you’ve got a whole bag of potatoes sat on the side that desperately need peeling, you value your fingers and don’t fancy cutting every individual digit in the process. Well thats okay, I bring to you the machine that will peel them for you. Chuck a whole bag in and pop it on, come back in 20 minutes and the jobs done, no fingers cut off and all the mess neatly inside this great machine. This will be a gadget that even Gordon Ramsey will approve of.

So I wear contact lenses okay, I’ve been wearing them/glasses since I will a little tiny child, glasses are annoying, contact lenses hurt sometimes, it can be an all round irritating experience. I looked into laser eye surgery, was very excited about the idea until i found out THEY CUT YOUR EYE! They literally slice the top of your eye, flap it back and stick a laser in, disgusting. So I propose we invent a way of doing laser eye surgery that doesn’t involve a scalpel anywhere near ones eye. It’s 2017, I reckon someone out there is clever enough to make a laser that can go through that top bit of eye without any cutting involved.

So there is my ideas so far, my invention extravaganza has begun!


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