Less work, more productive?

So in a post yesterday I mentioned how on average a person spends almost 100,000 hours at work in their lifetime (mind blown – again), it’s got me thinking you know, is this what life is all about? Do we spend the first part of our life at school everyday, to then leave school and work everyday until we are old and frail. So really, only then, when i’m old battered and frail will I have the time to actually enjoy my life, to go out and explore and adventure, and realistically at 70 years old i’m probably not going to be up for many adventurous activities – probably more sat by the fire, drinking a tea and watching the 80th series of the X Factor.

Not every nation works the same as us Brits though, not every nation grounds into their citizens that they must work every hour of the day, they have to do this to be successful and if you don’t, well then you can’t be ambitious and driven, can you? No, take Sweden for example, many workers there will do an average of 6 hours work a day, they then spend the rest of their time doing other activities such as, exercising or spending time with friends and family – something I feel here in the UK a lot of us normal guys and gals struggle to fit in with our working schedule. Now I bet you’re thinking, “how on earth do these people get anything done in 6 hours? I barely get my work done in 10!”, well actually it’s proven that even if you’re in the office 10 hours, it’s more than likely that at least 3 of those hours will be unproductive, you know around half 4 in the afternoon when you loose focus and start chatting to your work pals and googling pointless stuff for an hour? Yeah that kind of thing, we all do it.

In my last job I would usually leave for work just before 7 and arrive home after 8, that’s over 13 hours, with the suggested 8 hours of sleep that takes me up to 21 hours of my day used, and the last 3 are usually spent getting ready for work in the morning, having showers, making dinner and tidying the house. Where on earth am I meant to fit in my advised exercise routine, my time with family and friends, my hobbies? The weekend I’m sure most people would say, but once you’ve done this routine 5 days in a row it gets to Saturday and all you want to do is relax and sleep. So really the answer is, I don’t fit this stuff in.

My point to this really is that I think here in the UK we need to focus more on a work life balance, more on making sure we are rounded and happy humans rather than just forcing us to work our whole lives non-stop until we burn out, no wonder mental health issues are so strife in this country.


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