22 facts about me

In light of me turning 22 (in 3 months) I thought I would bestow to you 22 facts about me, enjoy…

  1. I’m 21 years old
  2. My star sign is Aries
  3. Avocado is my favourite food
  4. Diet coke is my favourite drink
  5. I can’t drive and have so far failed 5 driving tests
  6. I grew up in Canterbury, South-East England
  7. I now live in Bristol, South-West England
  8. My boyfriend is called Matt – he’s great
  9. My best friend is called Kaysha – also great
  10. I used to work in management at Claire’s Accessories
  11. I now work in recruitment
  12. I love animals more than humans
  13. I’d love to make youtube videos
  14. I pretty much exclusively wear black and grey clothes
  15. I have 24 piercings
  16. My hair is red
  17. I have 2 tattoos
  18. I wear contact lenses
  19. When I was little I aspired to be the tooth fairy
  20. I have one sister who is 12
  21. I am a vegetarian
  22. I hate spicy food

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