Why can’t gay people love children too?

So I read an article earlier, it was basically a big homophobe saying that gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt because every baby should have a mother and father figure, basically this weirdo is saying every kid needs a man and a woman parental figure in their life, two women or two men just possibly couldn’t look after a child and give that child love adequately? I just cannot even begin to tell you how irritated and angry this made me feel, there are just so many reasons why this bigot is wrong.

Why on earth would the gender of your parents decipher whether or not they are able to look after you? Why would that mean they cannot adequately provide love and care? There are so many children that are living with out any parents, there are so many who live with abusive parents, surely if two people of the same gender are willing to love and cherish a child who otherwise would have no parents, no-one can argue against it? In the UK alone there are 70,000 children living under the care of local authority, 70,000 children who will have come from a mother and father who were unable to provide care, who in their right mind would be against a loving same-sex couple taking one of these kids home and providing them a good, happy life that they may not of had otherwise. Two women or two men are absolutely just as capable at raising a child as a heterosexual couple.

I have lived my whole life with my mum, a single parent, and a bloody good one at that. My mum was very young when she had me and my dad couldn’t handle it and has not been in my life since i was very very small, that has never bothered me, I never had a father figure and it hasn’t effected me negatively in any way whatsoever. Never once in my life have I heard someone comment that I shouldn’t be allowed to be looked after by my mum because I haven’t got a male father figure in the house, never has anyone thought I was different because I’ve never had a dad, I am no different to a person that had the ‘ideal’ family. How can people be okay with a single parent family but not with a a kid having two loving parents that happen to be of the same sex, personally I think it would be the greatest thing in the world to have two mums, mums are great.

I think it’s pretty clear the person who wrote this article doesn’t actually think children need a woman and a man in their life, I think it’s more likely their issue is down to their undying homophobia. It’s 2017 article writer, not 1947.


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