I don’t have any friends.

I would count myself as a person that doesn’t really have any friends and I think that’s okay. I mean I have acquaintances and people I know, I have my boyfriend and our families, but I don’t have any close friends, definitely not a best friend. As soon as I say that to people they immediately think I’m some sort of weird loner and feel the need to instantly feel sorry for me. Oh god here is this poor girl, no friends, what is wrong with her? How does she survive?

I’ve had friends in my life, best friends I would’ve said at the time, but I just struggle to keep them, people seem to flit in and out of my life every few years and that’s okay. I’m quite a selfish person I think, I like things just a certain way and I like to put all my time into people that are going to appreciate it, that are on the same wave length as me and want the same things I do, I guess I just choose not to surround myself with people that don’t really care for me, that I don’t get along with. I’m not against the idea of having friends, I just struggle to find people that I can connect with and understand who I am and that I’m a bit weird sometimes. I’m a very chilled out person, I don’t like having to do things when I should or when i’m told, I like my space and like to be alone, this is why keeping friendships has always been a tad difficult.

People think that having no friends must mean i’m lonely, that I cry myself sleep because i’m so alone and isolated, it’s just not true. I surround myself with people that I love, I love my boyfriend, I love his family, I love my own family, I have people I love spending time with. I don’t have any friends, but no, I’m definitely not lonely, I’m very  happy I get to spend my days with people that care for me and love me. So to anyone out there, you don’t need to worry, I’m just fine.


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  1. You are not alone in this. I’m in a period of my life where I have very few friends just because I suddenly realized who my REAL friends really were. I’m weird too and find it intimidating to get back out there and try to make friends. I feel like every one has their group of friends so why bother? Also, like you said, “I’m just fine.” I’m surrounded by people I love and that’s all that matters! (: Thanks for posting!

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